Did you prepare for Hurricane Florence and Michael?

Over the past month the State of North Carolina has been hit hard leaving families disrupted and homes destroyed. The question is were you prepared? Did you board up your home, stock up on water and non-perishable food items, did you buy candles and batteries, or did you leave the State? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you took steps to protect not only yourself but also your family. My question to you is why not do the same now to protect your family in the future?

Taking necessary steps to plan for the inevitable is extremely important because it can save heartache later in life. Here are 5 reasons why you should obtain a Will now:

Reason #1

  • You can decide who will receive your property. Yes, you read correctly. A major pro to creating a Will is the fact that you have the opportunity to state who will receive your property down to the last cent you own. If you don’t create a Will, the State of NC will decide were your property will go and in some instances the State has the ability to obtain your property as well. However, having a Will in place is one instance where you can tell the State what to do instead of the it being the other way around.

Reasons #2

  • You can decide who will take care of your minor children. Very few people know what’s best for your children and you being the parent are at the top of the list. Therefore, you are best fit to state who should be guardian over your children. This will ensure they are cared for by someone you love and trust. If not, the State will decide who should care for them.

Reason #3

  • You can decide who will be over the distribution of your property. Again, you have complete authority when creating a Will and this is shown by having the ability to appoint an executor who will oversee the distribution of your property. This allows you to appoint someone that you trust will take care of business instead of the State appointing an individual you may not trust.

Reason #4

  • It can be inexpensive. A major myth with creating a Will is it’s too expensive and with The Durman Law Firm, that just isn’t true. Additionally, in the end creating a Will can actually save your family money that will be lost to the court system if you were to pass away without one.

Reason #5

  • Tomorrow truly isn’t promised. As the recent Hurricanes have shown, life can change for a perfectly healthy person in a blink of an eye. With 34 lives lost due to the recent hurricanes in NC alone, it’s proof that you should NOT wait until old age or a deterioration of your health to start thinking of how to protect yourself and your family.

To prevent any storms from disrupting your family later in life, contact me to discuss your plans.